Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya

Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya

Song – Motto
Singer – Diler Kharkiya
Starring – Ajay Hooda, Diler Kharkiya, Anjali Raghav
Lyrics – Ajay Hooda
Music Label – Dil Music

Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya

Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya – mp3 song download full lyrics

Tera back re front
Donu maare se current
Manne dil me laga li teri photo
Haye re meri motto
Aaye re meri motto
Haye re meri motto

Ajay Hooda badda bhai
Jiki gaana me chadhayi
Diler Kharkiya se chhoto
Haye re meri moto
Haaye re meri moto
Haye re meri moto

Friends, you must have known Ajay Hooda. Famous Haryani Singers are dancers and writers.

These days, songs of Ajay Huda are becoming more popular.

Ajay Hooda has now become a popular name. Which is not an introduction Ajay Hooda was born on 19 February 1991 in Haryana.

According to ajay hooda, when he came to retire from the army after working for 15 years, he was very happy.

According to him, he is now born again. Now they want to spend their time in the development of the culture of Haryana. And are also applying.

According to ajay hooda, he worked inside the army for 15 years. But he wanted to do something else.

They say that while working inside the army, there were very few discounts. The person could not live for himself.

After 15 years of working and retired, after that ajay hooda felt that now he will be able to live for Haryana for himself.

Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya – mp3 song download full lyrics

And now they are doing the same. Today, the songs written by him are becoming the most super hit.

Ajay Hooda told during an interview that he had written a lot of songs on the outskirts except the song of Bahu Zamidar.

Anyway, Bhauji lives alone on the Shahad. They get time to think.

And creativity also occurs alone. Earlier ajay hooda wrote painful music.

According to Ajay Huda, he wrote this song for his wife.

Answering a question, ajay hooda said that he now wants to live his life full on screen.

What they could not do inside the college till now. They are now on screen.

They say that they want to be born again within Haryana and now want to enjoy life a lot.

Ajay Hooda has given many hit songs one after the other.

Some of which are as follows.

Bahu Jamidar Ki
Tu keekar ka ped se
Na Itne Tu Girkaya Kar
Kote chade lalkaru
Hola patola

Moto Ajay Hooda Diler Kharkiya – mp3 song download full lyrics

I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings Ajay Hooda told during an interview that they are now trying to write some good songs.

According to him, one day he got a call from a little girl and said that Uncle I listen to you very much.

So keep the songs written keeping our attention. And its effect is now being seen on Ajay Huda’s songs as well.

Now they are avoiding using such words inside their songs. Which hurts someone’s feelings.

Ajay Huda said that he likes country food the most inside the food.

In which bitter gourd bread and boxing them is also very good. Whenever they get time. They go on boxing. For your fitness.

Sports have been getting good Ajay Hooda biography says in Hindi that no work is done without family sports.

According to Ajay Hooda, he got a full part of his brother and wife.

His wife even has to say this. That she will not answer any question about his work.

And today they are here today because of everyone’s spart.

Ajay Hooda told that he was married within 18 years of age.

When he joined the army. Now they also have a son.

Talking about his son, Huda said that his son always draws his shortcomings.

Meaning he wants to make his father aware. So that his father goes even further.

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